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The Fascinating Role of CAD/CAM Technology in Dentistry

December 13, 2023

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Dentist using intraoral scanner to capture digital impression

In recent decades, dental technology has moved forward by leaps and bounds. In fact, CAD/CAM instruments are now commonly used to help patients have a more efficient, more satisfying dental care experience. What exactly is the role of CAD/CAM technology in dentistry? This blog post provides fascinating information.

What Is CAD/CAM?

CAD is Computer-Aided Design, while CAM is Computer-Aided manufacturing. These two processes both use powerful computers and go hand-in-hand to make the manufacturing process as easy as possible. Many industries utilize CAD/CAM tools, including architecture, engineering, fashion, industrial design, and more.

CAD/CAM has been used in the dental field since 1985. Often, it is used to take digital impressions of teeth, help patients understand their treatment options, and manufacture restorations (such as crowns) as efficiently as possible.

CEREC Crowns: An Outstanding Example of CAD/CAM Technology

One of the most common — and most useful — applications of CAD/CAM technology in dentistry is the CEREC system. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. CEREC allows patients to get a beautiful new crown in a single dental visit, which saves them time and spares them from the inconvenience of wearing a temporary crown.

Here is an overview of how the CEREC process works:

  • First, the dentist prepares the tooth to receive its crown.
  • An advanced scanner captures a digital impression of the tooth and surrounding dentition.
  • The dentist uses CAD software to design a crown that will fit on the patient’s tooth and provide a strong bite and reliable function.
  • The design is sent to a CAM ceramic milling unit. The machine carves the patient’s crown out of a single block of dental-grade porcelain.
  • After the dentist verifies that the crown meets expectations, it gets attached to the patient’s tooth.

From beginning to end, the CEREC process may take just a couple of hours. That is much faster than the traditional crown process!

Why Choose a Dentist Who Uses CAD/CAM Technology?

When you visit a dentist who uses CEREC CAD/CAM technology, you can expect to experience a number of benefits:

  • The precise nature of the technology means you can be confident that your crown will fit well.
  • You will save time.
  • Your crown will be beautifully color-matched to fit in with your natural teeth.
  • There will be no need for your dentist to ship a manual impression to a dental lab — CEREC is environmentally friendly!
  • You will not need to worry about a temporary crown falling off.

CAD/CAM technology is important in dentistry! Ask your dentist if you have questions about the advanced instruments they use in their practice.

Meet the Practice

Drs. Tarangini Suggala and Ali Albeer are the experienced, talented dentists at Rosemeade Dental in Carrollton. They are proud to use some of the most advanced instruments available in dentistry, including CEREC CAD/CAM technology. If you would like to learn more about them and how our team may be able to serve you, contact us at 972-499-6835.

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