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Will Wisdom Teeth Stitches Dissolve on Their Own?

September 18, 2023

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patient smiling after wisdom tooth extraction

If you’ve recently had your wisdom teeth extracted, you might be curious about whether the stitches used in the procedure are designed to dissolve on their own. The answer is that, in some cases, they are indeed intended to do just that! Continue reading for a comprehensive overview of what you should know about these stitches, as well as some valuable aftercare suggestions to ensure they fulfill their role in aiding your mouth’s healing process.

What Are Wisdom Teeth Stitches?

Typically, when undergoing wisdom tooth extraction, it involves making an incision and employing stitches, also known as sutures. These stitches serve to reattach the cut gum tissue flap, providing stability and facilitating the proper healing of the incision, as well as safeguarding the area from potential infection. The dentist or surgeon responsible for your wisdom teeth extraction will inform you about the type of stitches, if any, they have utilized in the procedure.

Will Wisdom Teeth Stitches Dissolve on Their Own?

Dissolvable stitches, also known as absorbable sutures, are specialized threads typically employed following wisdom teeth extraction, and they naturally disintegrate over a few weeks post-procedure. The rate of complete dissolution varies, influenced by factors like the complexity of the tooth extraction, the size and type of the stitches, and the suture material chosen.

In certain situations, your oral surgeon may opt for non-absorbable stitches. In such cases, they will provide you with guidance on when to return for stitch removal, usually scheduled for seven to 10 days after the surgery.

Tips for Caring for Your Stitches

Following wisdom tooth extraction, your oral surgeon will provide aftercare instructions, including guidance on caring for your stitches and the protective blood clots forming over the extraction sites. These clots are vital in preventing painful complications like dry sockets. While individual cases may vary, adhering to your surgeon’s instructions is crucial. Here are some tips to aid in stitch care:

  • Rinse with warm salt water – This practice can diminish swelling and support the healing process. Additionally, after the first 24 hours, you can incorporate the use of an antiseptic mouth rinse.
  • Stick to a soft-food diet – Begin with this approach initially, and gradually reintroduce regular foods into your diet as your comfort allows. It’s crucial to avoid disturbing your blood clots while eating or drinking.
  • Brush and floss carefully – Refrain from doing this close to the extraction sites for a period of three to seven days (or as per your dentist’s recommendation).

Understanding the reasons behind the potential dissolution of wisdom teeth stitches can enhance your confidence in the recovery process. Simply ensure that you take care of your extraction sites as they undergo the healing process.

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