Your Teeth Will Love These Fall Treats

cute-baby-girl-in-autumn-season-wallpaper-e1476713527657 Your Teeth Will Love These Fall Treats

Fall is Coming, so Get Ready for some Healthy Treats

It’s fall which means Halloween is right around the corner and the holidays are coming up. Here at our Dental we strive to stay on the cutting edge of the healthcare industry, which means as the season change so do the health care trends. There are certain trends happening in the oral health care industry that we want to share with you.


# 1 Avoid Gummy Candy this Halloween

Every Halloween the trick-or-treaters go crazy for the sugary candy but here we we want to make sure you make healthy choices. We suggest to our patients that they eat candy that is in solid form like a chocolate or even sugar-free gum.

Avoid gummy candy or taffies completely, because the sugar substance con seep in between the teeth and cracks and it adds to the amount of tooth decay. To avoid unnecessary dental problems simply brush your teeth after you eat candy or drink lots of water.


# 2 Brush your Teeth after Every Meal

Research shows that people who brush their teeth after breakfast, lunch and dinner had less teeth decay and cavities over a long period of time.


Our doctors believe that this is one of the best things you can do for your preventative healthcare. It will actually help you have a better smile by feeling more confident because you have fresh teeth and clean teeth throughout the day.


The reason we suggest brushing your teeth after every meal is because this time of year is especially high for tooth decay and cavities. This is because the levels of acidic bacteria can often cause more tooth decay, but by cleansing your teeth often you get rid of this.


# 3 Use the Floss Pick this Fall

It is a popular time to take care of your teeth on the go, which means you can now floss while you’re driving, sitting at your desk at work, or just about anywhere else with the floss picks. Floss picks are a great way to maintain good oral health habits and keep a fresh clean mouth wherever you are. You can get them from any local drug store or pharmacy.

Come and visit us for any other tips. We will be happy to talk to you about healthcare trends and easy ways you can take care of your teeth. We value your precious smiles and remember a cheerful holiday season this fall starts with healthy food choices to enjoy your treats.