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valentinesday2 Show My Love, Dental Gifts and Services

The most romantic day of the year is knocking on our doors. We will open our hearts and our doors to the loved ones celebrating one of the most gratifying and beautiful feelings that humankind enjoys. Love!

Therefore, after an evening of sweet chocolate gifts and romantic dinners, family theater outings with extra sweet candies or nice overly indulgent parties with friends, maybe it is time to think about what we can do for those that we cannot afford to lose, our pearly whites!

As Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, many people are struggling to come up with gift ideas for their loved ones.  There’s no need to fear because we’ve compiled a list of 7 creative gift ideas that will make your sweetheart smile.


If your valentine loves shoes, get them a gift card to their favorite shoe store.  While gift cards are sometimes seen as an impersonal gift, there are many ways you can personalize this gift.  You can send your sweetheart on a scavenger hunt or create a fun box to present the card in a memorable way.  If you know your valentine loves shoes, it will be a personal gift because it’s from you and it’s something you know they love.


Capture your love story through a photo book.  There are many online options like Shutter fly and Walgreens that allow you to create and quickly receive custom photo books and prints.

Or, gift your sweetheart a beautiful canvas print of the place where you met.  If your valentine loves coffee, get them a custom mug to make them smile with every sip.


If your valentine loves to smell nice, get them their favorite scent.  Perfume and colognes can be found everywhere from online retailers to department stores like Dillards.  Giving them their favorite scent ensures that your sweetheart will love the gift and it’s something they can use every day.


For the couples that are sports fanatics, get your valentine tickets to see the Houston Texans or the Houston Rockets.  If musicals and plays are a passion of your sweetheart’s, get tickets to see Broadway shows at the Hobby Center; they have 6-show packages on sale now

Aesthetic Voucher

A great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the family is to set up a sweet appointment as a couple or for the loved one to show them you care. A wonderful massage session or a splendid zoom whitening session with a dentist is always an awesome way to express your love and how much you cherish their Happy smile.


Think about alternative gifts, and most importantly, make your love to be the best present!