The Power of a Healthy Smile

fruit The Power of a Healthy Smile

A friendly, beaming and healthy smile generally puts people at ease and makes others feel welcome in your presence. However, years of anecdotal evidence and even professional and academic studies show that a good smile can do much more. Keeping each tooth healthy and looking its best will improve your smile in the long run, and a great smile predicts a longer lifespan, improves self-esteem and carries with it a whole host of other benefits.

There is a reason why teeth are referred to as pearly whites, when they are portrayed in a favorable fashion, and that does have to do with esthetics, but more so with health. You have probably seen white smiles on your favorite actors, musicians or famous people, generally. They do look amazing, but the health benefits that come with good oral hygiene vastly outweigh the esthetic part, and here are the reasons why.

Good dental health means good health, overall

It should be no surprise that those who report feeling the most satisfied in their relationships are those who smile a great deal. Some research involving high school yearbooks has shown that those who smile in their yearbook photos tend to feel as if they have effective relationships and are able to connect with others well. Researchers surveyed people in their current relationships and then compared their answers with their high school yearbook pictures from several decades ago. The result was that those who reported the most happiness in their relationships also had some of the biggest smiles in their high school photos.

For women, dental health care has been linked to pregnancy. Overall, women with poor dental hygiene are at a higher risk of having a premature delivery. Not only that, there are complications that might arrive with a premature delivery, so for the sake of your own child, ladies, take care of your teeth and gums

Many of these are just consequences of poor oral hygiene, something that can be avoided with the following tips.

A white smile is a healthy smile

  • Watch Your Diet—Eating too many foods with processed sugars increases your risk of cavities and other dental problems. Your dentist may have also told you that coffee, tea and other beverages can stain your teeth if you are not careful. You do not have to cut out these things entirely, but consuming them in moderation will reduce your odds of cavities and yellowing, both of which make your smile look less than its best.
  • Brush Regularly—Brushing after every meal is another proven way to improve your smile. Using your tooth brush like your mom told you to will remove germs, bacteria and other enemies of a good smile.
  • Remember to Floss—Lots of people brush on a regular basis. Fewer people floss as often as they should. Yet flossing is the only way to remove bacteria and germs from certain portions of your mouth. Without flossing, these bacteria and germs will grow and multiply, and you may end up with bleeding gums, cavities and lost teeth. None of those things are conducive to a smile of which you can be proud..

Good oral health means a healthy smile, which leads to a longer life, a happier disposition and many other benefits. Pay attention to your smile by doing what you can to keep it in good health, and you will reap the rewards.