5 tips for improving your child’s smile!

iStock_000025088553Medium_2 5 tips for improving your child’s smile!

Smiling at people is one way of showing them our love. There is no better way to convey love and happiness and no one can resist a child that smiles openly and with delight.

Yellow or brownish teeth can make your child shy and uncomfortable, but these problems are quite common nowadays.

In today’s fast paced world maintaining hygiene and dental health is an issue. Stains on your child’s teeth are an unpleasant problem that can be caused by many different factors. Having a dental exam is the first step that will allow you to determine the causes of the stained surfaces and whether there is a need for treatment or not. After the possibility of a cavity has been ruled out, you can proceed in the search for other causes of staining problem.


Children Oral Health is more than just their smile


Healthy “oral structures” include firm gums and strong teeth. They are important for children in so many ways!

  • Eating – Food is broken down by chewing. Teeth then work along with saliva to break down food even further before swallowing.
  • Speaking – Both baby (primary) and adult (permanent) teeth are important for helping children to speak properly and form sounds.
  • Self-Esteem – A bright and healthy smile can enhance appearance and increase confidence.
  • Aesthetics – Fresh breath feels good — and makes a child nice to be around!


Oral health is an essential component of a child’s overall well-being


Dental disease in children is preventable, but once it sets in the disease can affect a child’s physical development in the form of reduced body weight and interference with growth. It can also affect a child’s school attendance and academic performance, leading to significant implications for a child’s social development and future success.

Parents and caregivers play a critical role in maintaining good oral health and establishing proper oral hygiene habits. Once caregivers understand that tooth decay is caused by an infectious, transmissible and diet-dependent disease, they can take multiple steps to reduce their child’s exposure to bacteria and its effects.


As Saint Valentine is approaching, the best way to greet someone you love is by showing them your pearly whites, so be sure that you follow these simple steps to avoid having a yellowish smile, for both you and your child. While dental hygiene is of the biggest importance, always remember that having fun while cleaning your teeth should take the higher priority, as that will surely increase the both the numbers and the intensity of the smiles you would get from your child.